Vintage Dolls

Salstuff Dresses modelled by:  22″ Pedigree Walker (1950’s-60’s)  and 10″ Pedigree Delite  (1950’s)

Please enjoy having a look through the dresses I have designed and made in previous years.  I mainly work on a OOAK basis and am currently focussing on modern 13″ dolls, although I may be able to take an order from you, for the above mentioned dolls.   If you’d like to keep up with my currently available items, please keep an eye on my facebook page at

I am based in the UK and can be contacted through facebook and the Contact Salstuff tab above.  I despatch to most countries.  Postage & packaging prices are usually around £1.80 for the UK, please contact me for overseas shipping prices.

My dolls are not for sale – I sell the clothes and some accessories only.  Please note, I am not affiliated to any of the companies who manufacture the dolls modelling my clothes.

1. Josephine as a Flapper    3. Accessories

This was a bespoke one-off Flapper outfit for 30” Uneedadoll Vintage Doll

Black 1920’s style dress with supplied “Bling” and Tassle trims, Stretch Headband,

2 x Ribbon Bows for Shoes, Evening Bag & Necklace


20160218_151112-1      20160218_130527(0)-1      20160218_131332

Lovely soft feel 3-layered Vintage Style Party Dress for Pedigree 22″ Walker Doll.  Floral sheer fabric over a velvety brushed satin and with integral white cotton underskirt and bodice lining.  With a ribbon sash which ties at the back, the dress fastens with poppas and decorative buttons.  Dress & Hairclip  £38.00 – can be ordered in a differing fabric – please enquire


20160613_172448-2.jpg  20160613_170458-1

Cute little dress with lined bodice for 10″ Pedigree Delite available in various cottons, please enquire if you’d like to see the fabrics I have available.  This little cutie is also known as The Grump because of her pouty lips.  Dress & Hairbow  £18.00


20140627_190214         20140627_190707

Polka Dot Blue Cotton Strappy Dress with lined bodice for 22″ Pedigree Walker Doll  Dress and hairbow £29.00                       

20140711_145142          20140711_150118

Turquoise Puffed Sleeved Cotton Dress with lined bodice for 22″ Pedigree Walker Doll.  Dress, Hairbow  & Bag £32.00 – I have other fabrics, please enquire if you would like to see some of them. 


Pink Polka Dot & Roses Puffed Sleeve cotton dress with lined bodice.   Dress & Hairbow for 22″ – £30.00           

20160214_151451    20160214_152037.jpg

Blue & White Floral Puffed Sleeved Cotton Dress with lined bodice and blue ric-rac trims.  I have other fabrics – please enquire if you would like to see some of them.  Dress & Hairbow for 22″  – £30.00  –  Matching lined fabric Handbag  £6.00              


20140814_130214               20140814_130040

Red & White Polka Dot & Roses Puffed Sleeve Dress with lined bodice.  Dress & Hairbow for 22″ –   £30.00  – Matching lined fabric Handbag  £6.00                              


20141119_092406  Made for 23-inch Gotz Doll (3)  20151019_152228

Double layered organza skirt, with lined cotton bodice and hemline frill.  Trimmed with bows, roses and ribbon.  Dress & Hairbow are available to order for £38.00 in size 22″ height – These dresses were made for a customer for her 23″  Gotz Steiff Dolls.  

20140929_104035            20140929_104122

Lovely Cotton Puffed Sleeve Dress with lined bodice and deep pink/red roses on a cream background, with Hairbow.  The above dress is shown on a larger doll, but the largest doll I now work for is a 22″.   Dress & Hairbow for 22″ doll –  £35.00                   

20140912_184141        20140912_184535

Red & White Floral Puffed Sleeve Dress with lined bodice and round yoke and ric-rac.  Hairbow included. 

The above dress is shown on a larger doll, but the largest doll I now work for is a 22″.   Dress & Hairbow for 22″ doll   £35.00                   




8 thoughts on “Vintage Dolls

  1. Hi Sal, Thank you for making my Gotz Steiff Chantal 23 inches tall two dresses one pink and one green dress without a pattern I just gave you two measurements and they both fit perfect. Beautifully made. You are fantastic to work without a pattern. A star Thank you 🙂


  2. I’m so glad I found your website. I love your designs and some of them literally took my breath away! I especially love the vintage clothes. I can’t choose at the moment but I’ll be in touch soon.


  3. Hi Sal thank you very much for making a 3rd dress for my Gotz Steiff Chantal 23 inch tall doll in Yellow it is absolutely beautiful. No pattern no doll just two measurements. I highly recommend SalStuff Doreen x I have a special 23 inch doll coming to live with me she also needs a dress Sal xx


  4. Thank you so much! Sally for making a gorgeous vintage dress for my dolly..It fits like a dream! considering you only had the measurements and no doll to try it on….The dress and matching bag is perfection! love it so much! xx


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