Summer Separates

Doll Clothes for 18″ Dolls, such as  Hannah Gotz, Happy Kidz & Precious Day Gotz, 

Kidz n Cats, Designafriend, American Girl, Journey Girl.

Please note, I am currently not working on 18″ dolls clothes but I do sometimes take commissions, so please contact me if interested, from Salstuff – 2019.

My Dolls and their Footwear are not included.

20160411_152911     20160322_181241-1     20160312_120208-1

Cotton Polka Dot Pleated Skirt with Braces and Lace Fabric Puffed Sleeve Blouse, with 2 x Bow Hairclips  


1 (1)  1 (2)  20150819_081248

Bright Lime Play Set  (2 outfits) 

Outfit 1:   Pleat skirted Mini Dress with lined bodice, Leggings & Hairclip  

Outfit 2:   Lined stretch Top with pleat frill, floral Shorts, Hairclip & Shoulder Bag 


20150724_175705     20150724_175850     20150724_180200

Light blue denim Top and Shorts with buttons & bow trims & Hairclip  

20150722_082902      20150722_082806      20150722_082730

White Crop Top in a jacquard lace with a light stretch, edged with hand-sewn beads at the neckline and a pretty V-neck cut at the back.  

Light blue Denim Skirt with decorative stitches on all seams and at hemline.  With beaded daisies and lace.  Hairbow included 

20150714_113802      20150714_114247      20150714_120236

Cutsie Daisy Play Set     (2 outfits)

Flared Skirt and Leggings in soft stretch fabric with floral pattern, white jumbo rib stretch T-Shirt with lace trim, lace Crop Top, all trimmed with pink & white daisies.


20150530_100146   20150530_100910  20150530_100253  20150530_095719  20150530_101038

Pink stretch Crop Top with cotton floral pleat edging and bright beads hand stitched to neckline and Hairbow.  With Cotton floral pedal pushers 

Pink floral cotton Mini Dress with ribbon ties at shoulders, pink stretch Leggings and Hairbow 

20150530_092415   20150530_101238

20150523_170646      20150523_172710

Suntop with burgundy ribbon ties at shoulders, organza bow and Hairclip and

White stretch 3/4  leggings with elasticated waist and burgundy daisies 

20150523_150953   20150523_150232      20150523_152223

Luxury pink strappy Top with overlay of flowing soft, stretch lace.  With ric-rac shoulder straps and organza bows, fabric flowers & ribbons.  Denim 3/4  Jeggings with elasticated waist and daisies and organza rose Hairclip 

20140517_103122        20140517_103132

White stretch lace strappy Top and red flared skirt in stretch fabric with daisies 

20140815_203733     20140815_204142

Lined polka dot cotton Crop-Top with organza pleat trim and organza bows.  Denim 3/4  Jeggings with applique patches and bow at waist and a length of organza ribbon as Hair Tie 

20140705_124405      20140705_130253

Pink floral cotton lined strappy Top with lace, buttons & ribbon.  Circular cotton Skirt with elasticated waist and lace trim & Hair Clip

20150419_102632        20150402_180641

Yellow & blue Sun Top, Capri Pants & Headband Set

20140724_113057    20140724_112326

Lined cotton Crop-Top with organza pleat trim and organza bows.  Lace short stretch leggings with organza bow trims and organza & satin bow Hairclip 

20140807_091941     20140807_093237

Pink gingham & floral cotton Mini Dress with flared skirt and ribbon halter neck ties.  Trimmed with ribbon, organza bows and ric-rac.  Shorts with elasticated waist and Hairclip

20140720_194642      20140720_201121

Pink gingham cotton Mini Dress with flared skirt, ribbon ties at shoulder and trimmed with ribbon, lace, flowers.  Denim 3/4  jeans trimmed with gingham or lace and Hairclip 

20140802_091714  20140802_091739

Red polka dot halter-neck Mini Dress with lace frill and ribbon, roses & organza bow trims.  White stretch lace Leggings with bow trims and Hairclip 

20140704_171510       20140704_173435

Royal blue lace Crop-Top with white lace trim, satin bows & ribbon halter neck tie. Circular polka dot cotton Skirt with elasticated waist and lace & bow trim and Hair clip


  1. I have bought three cotton Polka Dot Pleated Skirt & Braces in Red, Yellow & Blue with Three Puff sleeve Blouse to go with the skirts and two hair bows with each outfit. Beautifully made in a lovely style LOVE the pleats. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Sal


  2. Sonia Klein says:

    From the USA here! My order arrived without any trouble. The outfits are adorable. They are constructed very well and the fit is perfect. Sally is very attentive to detail and especially customer satisfaction. She included me every step of the way and designed exactly what I asked then sent photos for my approval. Who does that anymore??? I bought the bright lime set. So pleased!


  3. Holly Anderson says:

    Thank you for our custom made outfit from your summer separate section.
    Made to fit my 20″ vintage Gotz doll.
    Everything about the outfit is perfect, and fits exactly which is amazing considering you didn’t have access to my doll.
    The finish and quality is the highest dolls clothes I have seen or bought (and my daughter has LOTS!)
    My old girl is now better dressed than me.
    I will not hesitate to order from you in the future.
    Thank you 🙂


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