For 18″ Dolls, such as  Hannah Gotz, Happy Kidz & Precious Day Gotz, Kidz n Cats, Designafriend, American Girl, Journey Girl.

Please note, I am currently not working on 18″ dolls clothes and the prices shown in this section are now out of date.

01   20151116_201348-1   20151116_203743-1

3-piece set, or items can be bought separately.

1)   Jacket with contrast collar in a smart cotton drill.  Shaped, fitted & semi-lined with intricate stitching detail and faux pearl buttons  £24.00

2)   Matching cotton dress has wide skirt with half tulle underskirt £14.00

3)   Hand-made rose style hair clip in matching cotton with organza £2.00

Complete outfit:  £38.00    Trims & fabrics may vary.


20150221_101645-1   20150221_103143-1   20150221_104238-1

Dogtooth Jacket & Wool Hat Outfits, items can be ordered separately:

1)  Black wool-mix hat with giant red rose and black lace £8.00

2)  Red & black dogtooth edge-to-edge stretch jacket, partially lined £16.00

3)  Black stretch rib dress with lace trim £8.00

4)  Red dogtooth stretch dress with lace and giant black rose trims £10.00

5)  Black sequinned lace scarf / hair tie £3.00

Whole 5-piece double set for discounted price of £42.00       Trims & fabrics may vary.

20150220_113226-1     20150221_114325     20150308_082823

Pink & wite Wedding Outfit, items can be ordered separately:

1)  White stretch rib dress with organza bows, flowers & lace trim  £9

2)  White fleece hat with organza bows, flowers & lace trim  £7

3)  Pink & white bead stretch necklace £6

4)  Pink & white cotton polka dot pleat dress with flower & lace trim £16

5)  White faux pearl double necklace £2

6)  Bow hair clip £1.50

Whole 6-piece double set for discounted price of £39.00       Trims & fabrics may vary.

20140612_163134      20140612_165659

Pink Jacket & Dress – 5 piece set with lined Vintage Style Handbag

1)  Formal jacket in a lovely pink floral linen, partially lined with pink faux silk.  Fitted shape, with darts at the back  £22.00

2)  Formal pink dress, sewn in a fine knit fabric with sequin and ribbon trims  £8.00

3)  Coordinating lined vintage-style handbag £6.00

4)  Rose hairclip, handmade made from the linen £2.00

5)  Faux pearl necklace £1.00

Whole 5-piece set for discounted price of £36.00          Fabrics & trims may vary.

20140426_095216  20140426_095013

Smart and pretty all at once, in a lovely bright royal blue:

1)  Chiffon Strappy Dress  £12.00

2)  Soft Blue Jacket, partially lined with fitted shape and darts at the back  £22.00 

3)  Scarf  £2.00

3-piece set:  £33.00     Fabrics & trims may vary.

20140502_153638        20140426_094454

Smart outfit in a lovely royal blue

1)  Blue Jacket & Skirt Suit £27.00

2)  White Lacy Top £5.00

3)  “Laptop” Bag £3.00

The whole set for  £32.00

Modelled by Hannah Gotz Fabrics & trims may vary.

One thought on “Smart

  1. I bought Dogtooth Jacket, Black stretch rib dress Red Rose hair clip.White stretch rib dress with Organza bows flower & lace trim. Pink & White polka dot pleat dress with flower & lace trim. Hair bow clip. All made Beautifully by Sal Highly Recommend.


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