Boy’s Stuff

Welcome to my “Boys” Page.

Please note, I am currently not working on 18″ dolls clothes but I do sometimes take commissions, so please contact me if interested, from Salstuff – 2019.

Following outfits are modelled by Josh Designafriend   –   please note, fabrics may vary.

20150712_174543   20150713_124436   20150713_123412   20150713_124649

Blue Striped Sweatshirt    Jeans    Red & white striped T-Shirt    Cargo Shorts    Kit Bag 

20140523_134426   20140523_135239   20140524_185209   20140524_185054

Towelling Swimshorts     Beach Towel     White T-shirt     Vest Top     Kit Bag 

E      D      20140621_133853

Sports T-shirt          Sports Shorts         Sweat Towel    

20141212_104255       20141212_105106

I was commissioned by the Lord Mayor of London’s Beadle (assistant) to make this doll sized outfit as a gift to the Lord Mayor.

(I have obtained permission from the Beadle to include this on my website.) 

Price is shown in my Characters section.


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